Mending Moments

Bodywork with Amy Pete

Listening Hands

Working with me is a gentle path toward the inner life of embodied awareness. With caring hands and interested words, I offer nonjudgmental presence to your sensations and feelings as they arise. Chronic tension and physical discomfort is often connected to feelings that had to be held back and together we can make a safe space for whatever comes up for you. As safety and inner knowing grows, feelings of authenticity, connection and aliveness can become accessible, both during and in between sessions.

If you’re feeling frozen, unable to enjoy caring touch or communicate touch preferences, let’s find a way to your authentic voice and build the bridge to connection. Relational wounds must be healed in relationship, often in a variety of relationships. Learning how to receive support isn't always easy, but it is a worthwhile endeavor. I welcome you to a free consultation to see if this work might be right for you.

If you have a condition well suited to treatment with clinical massage therapy, let's do this! Neck and shoulders are my specialty as we can really build up a lot of dense muscles over time. My approach to massage is a focused "smart-tissue" approach, following fascial restrictions away from injuries and deeper into the source of imbalance.